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More Than 25 Years Experience

Faraday Pty Ltd is Australia's foremost specialist electromagnetic shielding company, providing design, installation and testing of EMI shielding systems for MRI, hospital, commercial, industrial and defence EMI requirements.

MRI cages are our key product, so although we can supply general interior design and medical centre fit out services, the design, installation and testing of MRI suites is the main reason we exist.

We provide a full range of MRI shielding services including radio frequency shielding design, manufacture, installation and testing. Our design teams work closely with your key practice decision makers to help you explore all the design concepts and finishing options available in your price range and our engineers have extensive experience in designing MRI suites for new premises as well as suite upgrading and magnet replacement.

We specialise in  the following services and products:  Faraday Cages, Magnetic Shielding, RF Shielding, EMC measuring Antennas, Current Probes, RF Amplifiers, Microwave Amplifiers, EMC Power Amplifiers, EMC Microwave Amplifiers, Electromagnetic Shielding, MRI Shielding, EMI Shielding, Anechoic Chambers, RF Shielded enclosure, RF Power filters, Microwave absorbers, RF Field strength Meters, EMC Test Equipment, RF Instrumentation, Microwave Instrumentation, EMI Receiver Systems, Ferrite Tiles, Radio Frequency Interference and EMF.

We also supply interior decor solutions including, Acoustic Panels, Wall Coverings, MRI Lighting, Magnetically Neutral LED Ceiling and Perimeter Lighting and Sky Ceiling.

In addition Faraday represents pre-eminent international companies in the EMC field including ETS Lindgren, Amplifier Research, Solar Electronics and Teseo.

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