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Faraday Pty Ltd commenced business in 2002, based in a small factory in Croydon, Victoria.

At that time, founder and Managing Director, Kingsley McRae, started with one staff member and one sub-contractor focussing solely on MRI shielding.

Since then Faraday has expanded operations to include all aspects of EMI shielding and have formed strategic relationships with several of the industry’s finest suppliers, providing us access to some of the most innovative solutions available in the marketplace.

Faraday’s partnership with ETS-Lindgren has provided us access to a wide range of world-class EMI shielding products, including the world renowned Auto Seal II MRI Door and IOSD sliding doors for intra-operative MRI theatres along with a full suite of RF test and measurement equipment.

Faraday’s capability also extends to industrial shielding, RF test and measurement, acoustic chambers and EMF shielding for power reticulation systems.

In 2004 EMC Instrumentation was added to the growing portfolio. Faraday has sales agency agreements with ETS-Lindgren (EMCO & Holaday), Solar Electronics, Laird and Teseo.

Faraday has significantly increased EMF shielding capability over time and can now provide end to end solutions ranging from consultancy services and EMF surveys to the complete supply, installation, testing and certification of our proprietary Magstop® EMF shielding material.

Faraday has a dedicated team of full-time sales, project management, drafting, technical and installation staff who ensure a true end to end solution which is unrivalled in the Australian market.

To date, Faraday has completed over 1000 projects all over Australia and New Zealand. We have become the first choice for major hospital shielding installations and are fully compliant with the requirements of the major construction sector.

The Faraday team of trained and qualified personnel are proud of our commitment to quality, exceptional customer service and Work Health and Safety.

Faraday is a proudly Australian owned and operated company.

Faraday are Australian distributors for a number of specialist RF/EMC test and measurement equipment suppliers, including ETS Lindgren, Solar Electronics and Teseo.

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