Acoustic Solutions

Hemi-Anechoic Chambers​

Hemi-Anechoic Chambers are used to perform precision- and engineering- grade testing on a wide variety of devices ranging from handheld units to large vehicles and equipment.

The sound absorption system consists of white melamine wedges installed on a patented clip system that provides fast wedge installation and removal. Melamine wedges provide a bright and fibre-free working environment.

Clinical Audiology​​

Clinical Audiology can be supported in a variety of ways. Faraday offers the ETS-Lindgren Delta Exam Booths as one solution. Triangular in shape, Delta Exam booths can be fit into the corner of even the smallest office. Delta offers the perfect combination of dependable acoustical performance, ample room for both patient and equipment while retaining the efficient work space required in today’s clinical environments.

Delta 142
183cm W x 183cm L x 198cm H

102cm W x 203cm L x 248cm H

Delta 143
224cm W x 224cm L x 198cm H

244cm W x 244cm L x 248cm H

Acoustic Performance – Noise Reduction


SERIES 125 250 500 1000 2000 4000 8000 NIC
Delta Booths 24 32 42 49 55 57 55 44

Acoustic Performance – Noise Reduction


SERIES 125 250 500 1000 2000 4000 8000 NIC
Delta Booths 24 32 42 49 55 57 55 44
Single and Double Wall Exam Booths ​

Single and Double Wall Audiometric Exam booths are constructed with our standard AS-A504 10cn (4”) thick wall panels and provide impressive isolation.

Single and Double Wall Audiometric Exam Booths offer the choice of either a standard model package or a built-to-order design to meet special requirements.


• Single or Double Wall design
• Pre-Wired Jack panel with cable Pass-thru
• Acoustic Floor
• Recesses Illumination System
• SoundSecure TM Patient Viewing Window
• SoundSecure TM Acoustic Door
• Carpeting with Cover Base Trim

Reverberation Chamber​

Reverberation Chambers reflect sounds to produce a non-directional or diffuse sound field within the chamber. Reverberation chambers are also used to measure the sound absorption characteristics of materials or other items such as soft panels, screens or pieces of furniture (e.g. theatre seats, chairs, and sofas)

ETS-Lindgren reverberation chambers provide a diffuse-field environment that enables sound absorption tests, sound power tests, and transmission loss studies to be performed.

Key Features:

• 63 Hz to 10 KHz
• Precision-Grade testing
• Transmission Loss Testing
• Noise Emission Testing
• Sound Absorption Testing
• Full Automobile Test Access

Precision-Grade Testing

ETS-Lindgren’s standard hemi-anechoic chambers are designed to comply with ISO 3745 free-field limits for both broadband and pure tone testing.

Engineering-Grade Testing

The high quality test environment in an ETS-Lindgren hemi-anechoic chamber provides low environmental correction factors (K2) values for ISO 3744 sound power testing


ETS-Lindgren hemi-anechoic chambers are designed for applications that require precise acoustic measurements needed to optimize product design and performance of:

. Information Technology Equipment (e.g. computers, server racks and routers)
.Small and Large Appliances
.Industrial Equipment and Components
.Automobile Components
.Vehicles (e.g. automobiles, tractors, motorcycles, etc…)
. Components

Applicable Test Standards

ISO 3745
ISO 3744
ISO 7779
ANSI S12.55
ANSI S12.54
ANSI S12.10