Electron Microscope Solutions

Faraday Pty Ltd offer two solutions for Electron Microscope Shielding including passive and active shielding.

Series 83 System Performance

Magnetic Field

26 dB @ 50 kHz
30 dB @ 60kHz
100 dB @ 14 kHz

Electric Field

100 dB from
200 kHz to 50 MHz

Plane Wave

00 dB from 50 MHz to 1 GHz


100 dB @ 10 GHz

Passive Shielding for Electron Microscopes

The Series 83 RF Shielding is a fully custom shielding option for specialized applications such as electron microscopes and physiological studies. Series 83 RF shielding is made of G60 grade galvanized steel. It offers the advantages of high shielding performance, durability, and ideal electrical continuity. Each panel section provides excellent stability to airborne moisture induced warping and structure strength that lend to its rugged structural design.

Please see Data Sheet for more information: Data Sheet 

Active Shielding – Magnetic Active Compensation System

The ETS-Lindgren™ Magnetic Active Compensation System (MACS™) provides cost-effective, maintenance-free environmental magnetic field shielding solutions for high-precision Electron Beam instrumentation. The MACS is the highest-performance commercial active magnetic field compensation equipment available for protecting sensitive EM instruments from AC/ DC environmental magnetic fields. These reliable systems provide real-time compensation of environmental magnetic field fluctuations caused by moving vehicles, trains, elevators, electrical distribution equipment, and other sources.

Please see Data Sheet for more information:​ Data Sheet.

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