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Patient Comfort


Comfort Virtual Sky Ceilings


Our sky ceilings use the best quality printing technology in conjunction with high-quality LED lighting to achieve realistic images of natural scenes. When you look at our sky ceilings you won’t believe it’s not the real sky!


Our sky ceilings can drop straight into standard suspended ceiling grids or can be incorporated into a custom frame detail to produce a stunning, bespoke look.


Contact us for more information on what you need and the requirements that you have.


Click on the link below to see the many options available for our sky ceilings. You are not limited to these options but this gives you a guide to the type of images that work best in the space. 

Comfort View Virtual Windows


Our virtual windows feature high-quality photo selections from thousands of stock images or can be custom printed with your company logo. You can also supply your own image to give your room a completely custom look.

Ambient Comfort Lighting


Perimeter only colour  wall wash providing a subtle, relaxing environment is a very economical alternative and when combined with the proper wall mural, can create a comfortable feel to what can sometimes be a stark and cold MRI suite.